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We offer a wide range of support and services to promote the academic success of our students to help them successfully graduate. Student Support Services is centrally located in Canfield North, room 220. This is the building directly west of the Nebraska Union.

Resources for TRIO Scholars
  • print-text(content-edition)

    Free Printing Services.

  • computer-notebook-2(computers)

    Laptop computers, graphing calculators, non-graphing scientific calculators, business calculators available for checkout.

  • pet-dog-walk(pet)

    Therapy dog meets with students twice a week.

  • Canvas online portal for TRIO Scholars.

  • Apple iTunes & YouTube Podcasts for student success.

  • trophy-oscar(vote-rewards)

    Student leadership opportunities in the TRIO Advisory Council.

Academic Services Financial Aid & Financial Literacy Education Building Community Research Opportunities

Academic Services

Personal Advising & Mentoring

To help each TRIO Scholar succeed, we offer:

  • Success coaches available to every student.
  • Guidance for students transferring from 2-year institutions to 4-year colleges/universities.
  • Advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection.
  • Assistance with researching and applying for admission to graduate and professional programs.
Peer Mentoring Program

This program helps TRIO Scholars during their first year and beyond. Students receive assistance through their transition to college to foster academic, career, and personal/social growth. They will acquire the knowledge, experiences, and skillsets needed to succeed in college and to prepare life beyond graduation. This program provides:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Personal development
  • Character building
  • Academic support
  • Professional networking
TRIO Advisory Council

This advisory council offers a platform for TRIO Scholars to provide insights, feedback, suggestions, etc. to the Student Support Services staff. Interested TRIO Scholars may apply to serve on the advisory council to represent student-centered ideas for ongoing programmatic and service improvements.

  • Math Lab

    The Math Lab is one of our most sought after services.

    It is run out of the study lounge of our office at 220 Canfield Administration Building North. We have peer tutors available for fixed times during the regular Fall and Spring sessions and sometimes upon request during the Summer sessions.

    During this time, a participant can drop-in to seek help on a math problem or to do a test review. These sessions are not limited to the math courses that SSS offers and are open for all 100 level University of Nebraska-Lincoln math courses. If you are an SSS participant and would like to work for this service, please come into the office and complete a Math Lab Tutor Application.

    In addition, if you need to checkout calculators, you can stop by the office. All services are available to current TRIO Scholars at no cost.

  • Academic Tutoring

    TRIO Scholarship have access to free tutoring for university undergraduate courses.

    If you experience difficulty keeping up with a course or developing learning skills, please contact us to request a tutor, who will help you individually. The tutoring sessions MUST be held either in our main office at 220 Canfield Administration Building North or with prior approval online or at Love Library.

    Our immediate goal is to provide peer tutoring services to help you meet your degree requirements. The tutors can assist you in learning course material and developing study skills to achieve a satisfactory performance in a particular course. Our long-term objective is to help you become independent learners.

    You must first make an appointment with a staff member, complete the tutor request form, and turn it in to our main office. You may also email it to Stephanie Mitchell at After approval, the staff will give you a Tutor Timesheet that contains the tutor's contact information. Tutoring is assigned for no more than 4 weeks at a time. So, for longer periods, please make a follow-up appointment. During this time, the staff will make an assessment to determine if an extension for another 4 weeks is needed.

    All our tutoring sessions are available to current TRIO Scholars at no cost.

Canvas Course

A TRIO Scholars Canvas course is currently available to help keep students informed about opportunities and resources. All SSS students automatically receive an invitation to the online course upon acceptance to the program. A variety of course modules offer the following information:

  • Campus and career events
  • Tutoring services
  • Mentoring activities
  • TRIO Thirty Talks
  • Student resources (including Lincoln community contacts)
  • Workshop videos
  • Specific internship and job listings
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Financial literacy
  • Scholarships and financial aid
  • Career exploration and preparation
  • Counseling and well-Being

This course also features announcements about events, activities and program updates.

Financial Aid & Financial Literacy Education

Financial Aid

The following types of assistance are available to TRIO Scholars:

  • Information about student financial aid programs and scholarships.
  • Assistance with completing financial aid applications.
  • Grant aid to income-eligible first- and second-year TRIO Scholars.
  • Funds to support academic/cultural activities for eligible juniors and seniors.
Financial Literacy

To increase financial knowledge and understanding, we offer:

  • Workshops, educational trainings and classes.
  • Personal counseling.
Academic/Cultural Activity Request form

The TRIO Scholars Academic/Cultural Activity Request is available to eligible TRIO Scholars who are juniors and seniors. This request is valued at $100 - $300.

Starting in their first year, TRIO Scholars may earn points to receive this funding by taking SSS classes, participating in SSS tutoring sessions, attending events, etc. These points can add up throughout the time that they actively participate in the UNL TRIO Scholars Program. During their junior and senior years, students may submit a completed Academic/Cultural Activity Request valued up to $300 to use toward supplies for a Senior Capstone project, assisting with expenses/fees to attend an academic field trip, present work at a research conference, a ticket to attend a cultural event, participate in an Education Abroad opportunities, etc.

Building Community

Cultural Aspects & Programs

TRIO Scholars are encouraged to engage with one another and activities to enhance their learning experience. We offer:

  • Access to cultural events and academic enrichment activities and events.
  • Assistance in planning Education Abroad opportunities.
Trio Scholars Lounge
  • Our office offers three separate rooms which features space for study lounges, reading nooks, large screen conferencing, in-person and/or virtual meetings, tutoring sessions and engaging in conversations with others.
  • Two days a week, students have the opportunity to interact with a nationally trained therapy dog.
  • Students may check out laptop computers and calculators to use.
  • Laser printers are available for students to print materials for coursework in black/white and color.
  • Commuter students have access to a fridge for lunches, microwave for reheating food, storage lockers, and a place to relax and unwind.
Campus Connections

Regularly scheduled appointments are available in the Student Support Services Office at 220 Canfield to offer students a convenient, centralized location to meet with campus collaborative partners representing the following departments:

  • Biweekly Career Services appointments are available for assistance with resume preparation, job hunting, and career counseling.
  • Biweekly counseling sessions with a therapist from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).
  • Consultations with Education Abroad staff to explore opportunities for engaging in global experiences with other countries and cultures.
  • Meetings with the Assistant Director of Community Engagement find leadership and community building opportunities that match your interests on campus and/or in the community.
  • Collaborations with Writing Lincoln Initiative colleagues to participate in student-centered writing workshops and literacy-based events.

Research Opportunities

FYRE program

The Office of Undergraduate Research provides research opportunities for TRIO Scholars by introducing them to the UCARE program and undergraduate research opportunities across campus. Workshops are provided which assist with identifying a faculty mentor and writing strong proposals for UCARE funding. First-year SSS students are eligible to participate in FYRE. The Office of Undergraduate Research partners with SSS to promote this opportunity to students as soon as they arrive on campus. The Office of Undergraduate Research also offers travel grants to support students presenting their research at regional or national conferences.