We are TRIO We Help Our Students Succeed in School and College

SSS alumnus Enoch N. Pugh with his two diplomas in Fine Arts, and Education and Human Sciences during the 2014 graduation commencement walk
Nebraska TRIO Programs are a federal outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services to eligible students from disadvantaged backgrounds enrolled in select Lincoln Public Middle and High schools, and undergraduates from all majors and degrees at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Our Programs


Talent Search identifies and assists individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed in higher education.


Regular Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance.


Upward Bound Math-Science recognizes and develops participating students potential to excel in math and science.


Student Support Services offers eligible university undergraduates support and services to successfully complete college degree.

Students & Alumni

Trey Anderson, ETS alumnus, 2013
Trey Anderson ETS alumnus, 2013

"ETS can help you get college ready, I promise you that, they did it for me and can do the same for you."

Quang Tran, RUB alumnus, 2003
Quang Tran RUB alumnus, 2003

"Upward Bound was like my second family. They were there to mentor, discipline, and reward."

Nhi Dang, UBMS alumnus, 2008
Nhi Dang UBMS alumnus, 2008

"Upward Bound Math-Science aided me find the right college and secure scholarships for tuition."

Amy Castro, SSS alumnus, 2008
Amy Castro SSS alumnus, 2008

"SSS was a safe place to land. They provided me the environment and support I needed to graduate."

STEM Outreach

Nebraska is fast emerging as a key technology player in the Great Plains region. We at TRIO STEM Outreach are expanding outside school access for our students through computer programming and hands-on learning opportunities in order to take advantage of promising career opportunities in the realm of engineering and technology.

As part of the outreach, TRIO Summer of Code event offers a five-week intensive coding camp to TRIO high school participants. The camp strives to fulfill the goals of the Department of Education to help students master key prerequisites in math and computer science to ensure success in all STEM fields, particularly computer science. During the course of the camp our students are presented with building-block skills aimed at supporting the development of proficiency in the foundations of computing and computer programming.

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