Photo of Bre Armstrong
Bre Armstrong
  • Sociology
  • Omaha, NE

At UNL I'm a part of the Cornhusker Marching Band, TRIO Scholars, and CAS Inquire Scholars. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, making art, and longboarding. I selected UNL for the music program as well as to stay close to home (or get away just far enough). I'm not sure about my plans after graduation, but I hope that whatever it is that I continue helping others. I have a passion for getting to know new people as well as human/family services, so I hope this is something I can pursue!

Photo of Kendry Arrazcaeta Duray
Kendry Arrazcaeta Duray
  • Computer Science
  • Madison, NE

I'm interested in technology and computer networks. I chose UNL because of the great computer science program and because it was close to home.

Photo of Alexis Cherry
Alexis Cherry
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Education
  • Genoa, NE

I'm a first-year student at Nebraska interested in becoming a FCS Career Specialist at the Nebraska Dept of Education. My interests are cooking, public policy, child development and family relationships.

Photo of Amy Dang
Amy Dang
  • Biological Sciences
  • Lincoln, NE

I enjoy travel, food and video games. I chose UNL because it was affordable.

Photo of Austin Horst
Austin Horst
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Gretna, NE

I chose Nebraska because it has has a good engineering program and was a good price.

Photo of Faith Jurgens
Faith Jurgens
  • Biology
  • Plymouth, NE

I am a freshman at UNL. I enjoy all things science and love to paint. I hope to one day become a dentist.

Photo of Frazier Kaelin
Frazier Kaelin
  • Grassland Systems
  • Broken Bow, NE

I enjoy riding horses and playing sports. I plan on going back to Broken Bow and starting a ranch in the future.

Photo of Jermaine Kaw
Jermaine Kaw
  • Marketing
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My name is Jermaine Kaw and I am an international student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a social media and marketing intern for the College of Business and I co-manage the TRIO Instagram page as well. I am a driven junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Fashion Merchandising and I'm so excited to continue expressing my creativity in this field in the future.

Photo of Allison Kelly
Allison Kelly
  • Athletic Training
  • Parachute, CO

I enjoy watching and playing sports as well as hanging out with friends. I came to UNL because I wanted to go to a big school that felt like a family. In the future I hope to be an athletic trainer for a big college or professional sports team.

Photo of Sama Muthanna
Sama Muthanna
  • Biology
  • Lincoln, NE

I am currently a sophomore at UNL majoring in Biology. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and moved to the United States in 2009. I currently work as a Student Assistant for Student Support Services and have been enjoying learning more about the office resources. I'm also interested in the study of Dermatology and hope to one day become a dermatologist. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family as well as traveling.

Photo of Dominic Nath
Dominic Nath
  • Biological Sciences, Psychology
  • Omaha, NE

I'm an avid reader. Most days I socialize with friends or play various video game. I selected UNL because I always felt at home here during tours. In the future I plan to work in the mental health research field, so that I can find ways to better the lives of those who are afflicted with mental disorders, such as myself.

Photo of Carlene Nguyen
Carlene Nguyen
  • Biological Sciences
  • Lincoln, NE

My interests are food and games. I selected UNL because it was close to home.

Photo of Jessie Nguyen
Jessie Nguyen
  • Undecided (Pre-OT or Pre-PT)
  • Lincoln, NE

I enjoy window shopping and I'm a sucker for cute stickers. I enjoy making arts and crafts and occasionally listening to songs around 2010.

Photo of Rosalia Paredes
Rosalia Paredes
  • Undecided
  • Pender, NE

My interests include music, art, acting, singing, swimming, reading, and hanging out with family. I selected UNL because it wasn't the closest school, but also not too far. It has a nice, welcoming feeling and I love it. I plan on becoming a civil rights or criminal lawyer and eventually want to build a house for my parents.

Photo of Carla Perez
Carla Perez
  • Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design
  • Omaha, NE

My passion for art and creativity stems from my earliest memories of wanting to express myself in the most unique and admirable ways. I have always been known for being good at art and I believe that my passion can lead me in any path which I choose to pursue. Although my major is tough and one of the most competitive ones out there, I plan to make my way into the fashion industry in one way or another in order to demonstrate my innovation and creativity. Being a fashion student at UNL is just the beginning of many future endeavors to come!

Photo of Faithleigh Podzimek
Faithleigh Podzimek
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Wagner, SD

I love learning about different cultures and other ways of life. I chose UNL because it has great support opportunities and resources. My future plan is to become a forensic anthropologist.

Photo of Karl Ring
Karl Ring
  • Film Studies
  • Denton, NE

My interests lie in most things art related to film, painting, gaming, etc. I selected UNL because of the programs here. In the future, I plan to work on movies.

Photo of Britney Salcedo-Gutierrez
Britney Salcedo-Gutierrez
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Omaha, NE

I selected UNL because of the College of Business and the proximity to Omaha. I'm involved in MASA (Mexican American Student Association) and MBSA (Multicultural Business Student Association) on campus. I plan to graduate in May 2024 with my degree and work for a big company one day.

Photo of Bella Shotkoski
Bella Shotkoski
  • Elementary Education
  • Lincoln, NE

I enjoy meeting new people and spending time with friends and family. I love working with kids and can't wait to become a teacher/role model for younger generations. I chose UNL because it was close to my family. My older sister also attended a few years ago and she loved it.

Photo of Antonio Soto
Antonio Soto
  • Microbiology
  • Columbus, NE

I am a first-generation student from Nebraska and grew up with one older brother, Gerardo, who also studied here. I am interested in nutrition, bodybuilding/powerlifting, medicine and health sciences. My favorite hobbies are weightlifting, cooking, baking, playing video games, and being with friends. I chose UNL because it was close to home and I enjoyed how the campus is -- I also had many friends and people I knew here which helped with my choice among scholarships. I plan to receive my degree, then pursue medical school or another health-related track after graduation.

Photo of Sydney Stuchlik
Sydney Stuchlik
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • Wahoo, NE

I love to read and write. I chose UNL because of their pre-law and law program. I plan to go on to law school and specialize in immigration or international law.

Photo of Anna Synya
Anna Synya
  • Criminology
  • Lincoln, NE

I'm a freshman and enjoy reading about legal work, politics and international events. I also coach debate at my old high school and volunteer in my community. My favorites to binge watch are New Girl and Community on Netflix.

Photo of Victor Thoms
Victor Thoms
  • Psychology
  • Omaha, NE

I'm interested in music, drawing, and science. I plan to learn as much as I can, and one day be a psychiatrist.

Photo of Nayla Torres Ruiz
Nayla Torres Ruiz
  • Anthropology
  • Grand Island, NE

I enjoy reading fantasy, sci-fi and romance books. I also like listening to music and dancing. I want to graduate with honors and maybe go into grad school. I selected UNL due to NCPA's influence.

Photo of June Tran
Jun Tran
  • Dance & Psychology
  • Grand Island, NE

I enjoy art, dance, and trading or selling photocards. I chose UNL because of the NCPA program. I'm letting the wind guide me toward a future.