We have on our roster a diverse, experienced staff available to support, serve and see you graduate. All our staff members have their office at 220 Canfield Administration Building North.

This is the building directly west of the Nebraska Union, which makes it easily accessible to our participants. All our courses are offered in classrooms across campus, but in close proximity to the office. The office also is equipped with a student computer lab and a study lounge.

There are 2 metered parking lots in the vicinity:

  • 14th & R ST- Southeast and across the street from the Nebraska Union.
  • 15th & S ST- East of the Gaughan Center and the Nebraska Union.
Reach Our Office

Professional Staff and Faculty

Image of Joyce Lehn
Project Director

Joyce A. Lehn

  • mobile-phone-2(mobile-phones) 402-472-7749
  • fax-machine(phone) 402-472-9338
  • email-2(email) joyce.lehn@unl.edu
  • location-pin-2(locations) 220A Canfield Administration Building

I am the Project Director for Student Support Services. Previously, I have been a high school counselor, K-12 art educator, and an Academic Counselor for the SSS Program. My college degrees include a PhD in Urban Issues and Diversity (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Master’s in School Counseling (Wayne State College), Bachelor’s in Art and Business Education (Chadron State College), and Associate’s in Fashion Merchandising (Southeast Community College-Lincoln). My hometown is Ainsworth, NE, where I began my educational journey as a first-generation, low-income student. My personal experiences have influenced my career to focus on helping scholars achieve their academic, career, and personal/social goals. Please contact me to learn how Student Support Services can assist you with your quest for excellence in college and beyond!

Image of Aras Shakir
Academic Outreach Specialist

Aras Shakir

I am a proud first-generation immigrant and first-generation college graduate. My family and I are ethnically Kurdish, and we immigrated to the United States in 1998. I graduated from Nebraska in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a Social Science endorsement and then taught English and Sociology abroad in South Korea for six years. I returned to the U.S. in 2021 and joined UNL in 2022. As the Academic Outreach Specialist for the SSS TRIO Scholars Program, I am passionate about providing all the answers, resources, support, and guidance I never had as a first-generation student. As a first-generation college student and commuter student, I often felt alone when it came to the various struggles of college, but this is what the SSS TRIO Program was designed to help with! If you ever need to talk to someone about the stresses of school and life or just need a quiet place to relax and study, please feel free to drop on by the SSS TRIO Scholars Office and visit. Another important part of my role with SSS TRIO is helping build a wonderful community through various activities and events such as game nights, movie nights, study nights, volunteering, etc. I'm always open to hearing fun ideas from students.

 Image of Marianna Burks
Science Specialist

Marianna Burks, M.S.

Originally a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I am an instructor, professional, and alumni of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, obtaining both a Bachelor’s (2000) and Master's Degree (2002) in Biology. I serve as a Biology Instructor for the School of Biological Sciences and Science Specialist for the TRIO Scholars Program. My tenure at UNL has previously been in research, conducting studies for 11 years in the School of Biological Sciences in behavioral cognition, and also functioning as a laboratory manager. I currently instruct sections of Bios 101-General Biology and LIFE 120 - Fundamentals of Biology, and serve in undergraduate research efforts for TRIO program students. My specialized interests are focused on the success of first-generation students, science self-efficacy, and instructional practices that enhance learning outcomes in science education. I have been awarded at the university level the Inaugural Staff & Diversity Inclusion Award for my service and efforts in diversity and inclusion in STEM and the College of Arts & Sciences college level award for mentoring and advising students in biology and STEM. I also serve as the Faculty Advisor for the Minority Pre-Health Association. My husband Jai & I have 5 children: Isis, Aida, Ivan, Aria, and Iyla.

Image of Stephanie Mitchell
Writing Specialist

Stephanie Mitchell, Ph.D.

I am a University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate and Nebraska native. With degrees in journalism, literature, creative writing, and education, I have a variety of roles at Student Support Services. My primary responsibility is to teach ENGL 150 (Writing and Inquiry) and ENGL 151 (Writing and Argument). Additionally, TRIO Scholars make appointments with me for personal writing assistance in any class. I also supervise the SSS tutoring program, working with our graduate assistant to coordinate one-on-one tutoring and staff the math and science labs. My research interests include identity through multimodal storytelling and democratic classroom community design in higher education. When I’m not organizing my book collection according to color or binge-watching 80s movies, I practice yoga, write fiction, and “play” in my art studio. My family and I live on an acreage north of Lincoln.

Portrait of placeholder graphic
Tutor Coordinator

Osmin (Ozzy) Rodriguez

  • mobile-phone-2(mobile-phones) 402-472-7728
  • fax-machine(phone) 402-472-9338
  • email-2(email) #
  • location-pin-2(locations) 220C Canfield Administration Building


Portrait of Sarah Yeoh
Student Success Activity Coordinator

Sarah Yeoh

Penang, Malaysia is where I originate from. I graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a degree in Elementary Education and am currently in the Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Master's program. I am a graduate assistant with the TRIO department and my role is to assist in the Student Advisory Board and Mentoring Program. In my down time I like to catch up on dramas, play the guitar or go on drives.

Student Staff

Portrait of Sin Tran

Sin Tran


Major: Dance and Psychology
About Me: I enjoy working with the arts. In the future, I want to work with underrepresented identities, and help them discover themselves through the arts. I chose to work with TRIO because they provide me with a safe space to be myself and to teach me new skills.

Portrait of Angela Gonzalez

Angela Gonzalez


Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice, minor in Ethnic Studies
About Me: I have been an SSS Scholar since my freshman year of high school and I now fortunately work in the office as a student staff. TRIO has provided me endless opportunities to excel as a scholar, such as school supplies, engaging events, and supportive staff. On campus, I am involved in different organizations like Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc., Mexican American Student Association, and University of Nebraska Inter-Tribal Exchange. My involvement in these organizations has helped me express my passion in giving back to the community that gives to me.

Portrait of Dalilah Valdez

Dalilah Valdez


Major: Criminology, Criminal Justice and Sociology, minor in Ethnic Studies
About Me: I am currently unsure of what I want to do after undergrad. However, I know I want to further my education. I plan on attending law school to be an immigration attorney or attend graduate school to become a professor. I have been a TRIO member since my freshman year and after being involved as a scholar, I was finally given the opportunity to serve students who visit the office! So, always feel free to come in and say hi!

Portrait of Kaylee Navarro

Kaylee Navarro


Major: Interior Design
About Me: My passion for design comes from the way I like to express myself and my interest but to combine that into interiors and drawings, as well as the architectural side of it. I also enjoy working out and spending time with my family. Some goals of mine are to go to grad school and get a master's in interior architecture, and to continue to hit the gym for my well-being and to get stronger. I chose to work for TRIO because of the friendly environment it provides and a chance to get connected with others.

Portrait of Yousra Abdulrazig

Yousra Abdulrazig


Major: Elementary Education
About Me: I'm currently a senior majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in International Studies. As an Education major, I've grown passionate about providing resources to help others receive an equitable education! Working for TRIO has given me the opportunity to help my peers at UNL navigate all the beneficial resources we offer our scholars.

SSS Tutors

Portrait of Canyon Skare
Humanities Tutor

Canyon Skare


Major: English and Psychology
About Me: I'm currently a senior majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in International Studies. As an Education major, I've grown passionate about providing resources to help others receive an equitable education! Working for TRIO has given me the opportunity to help my peers at UNL navigate all the beneficial resources we offer our scholars.

Portrait of Nhu Le
Math Tutor

Nhu Le


Major: Electrical Engineering
About Me: I chose to work for TRIO because I love learning and sharing knowledge among friends. Being a Math tutor at TRIO does not only help me strengthen my math skill for my career goal, but I am able to help others do so also.

Portrait of Uyen Pham
Science Tutor

Uyen Pham


Major: Biochemistry, minor in Chemistry and Math
About Me: I appreciate the environment and opportunities that Trio provides for students who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. I am also a TRIO scholar and know that having a tutor who comes from a similar background creates a more comfortable experience. I want to become a general dentist to provide dental care to immigrants, the underserved, and those in need with care and compassion in Lincoln. Being involved in Trio as a student and a tutor allows me to keep honing my intercultural communication skills and understanding other cultures.

Portrait of placeholder graphic
Science Tutor

Juan Cervantes


Major: Nutrition Science
About Me: When I am not working as a tutor for the TRIO SSS office, you can find me playing soccer or running. As a first-generation Mexican student, I hope to inspire future underrepresented students to work hard and chase their dreams.

Portrait of Dalton Vieth
Science Tutor

Dalton Vieth


Major: Business Administration
About Me: Tutoring for TRIO has been one of the best experiences of my undergrad. Getting to connect with and share my passion for science with the TRIO scholars has been a privilege. I am currently in the process of applying to UNMC's College of Medicine.

Portrait of placeholder graphic
Engineering Tutor

Aaron Linnell


Major: Computer Engineering
About Me: Teaching programming concepts to my students has been extremely fulfilling and has broadened my understanding of communication immensely. I have a robust knowledge of computer languages and their applications, and love to learn about new paradigms for approaching computer science problems. I will not back down from a difficult question and will always make sure that my students have the resources they need for lifelong learning.

Support Animals

Portrait of Neo, Who is a small, white dog
Support Dog

Neo Anderson Station Lehn

Neo is a Teddy Bear (Shichon/Zuchon) therapy dog who is nationally certified with the Love on the Leash Pet Therapy Program. In addition to providing emotional and social support, Neo has been trained to assist individuals achieve many physical and educational goals. He also has earned the American Kennel Club’s Good Canine Citizenship Award. Neo enjoys working with the TRIO Scholars Program. His favorite activities include playing football, walking at Holmes Lake, and playing with his little sister, Trinity, who is a Shih Tzu.