Find Your Future as a TRIO SCHOLAR


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Discover a community that will help you feel like your life experiences are valued, invite you to engage in new opportunities and reach your full potential at Nebraska. TRIO’s Student Support Services (SSS) helps academically distressed students who are income-qualified, first-generation college attendees and/or students with disabilities by offering unique resources and a supportive community.

Step 1

  • Are you a first-generation student (neither of your parents has completed a four-year college degree)? All majors are welcome.
  • —OR—
  • Have you registered with Services for Students with Disabilities ?
  • —OR—
  • Do you meet income eligibility requirements?

Income eligibility

Effective March 3, 2022 until further notice.

Household Size 150% of HHS Poverty Guidelines 200% of HHS Poverty Guidelines
1 $20,385 $27,180
2 $27,465 $36,620
3 $34,545 $46,060
4 $41,625 $55,500
5 $48,705 $64,940
6 $55,785 $74,380
7 $62,865 $83,820
8 $69,945 $93,260
Add $7,080 for each additional person Add $9,440 for each additional person

All students must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to qualify.

Step 2

Academic Eligibility
  • Are you an enrolled University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate student pursuing your first college degree with a GPA of 2.9 or below?
  • —OR—
  • Are you an incoming University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate students with an ACT score of 24 or below?
  • —OR—
  • Have you participated in NCPA?
  • —OR—
  • Have you participated in other TRIO programs (ETS, RUB, UBMS)?

Step 3


Questions? Call us at (402) 472-2027 or email or For your convenience, we have listed our staff contacts for the schools we serve in our Staff & Contacts section. To help share the benefits of our program with others, please download our flier.