About TRIO

The Office of TRIO Programs here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln applies the Department of Education's TRIO grant objectives to serve and support eligible low-income, first generation, and/or disabled students who also demonstrate a need for academic and advisory support in order to reach their full potential as they progress from middle school through a baccalaureate degree and beyond.
We serve a combined +1,398 students from Lincoln Public Schools and the university. ETS serves five middle schools: Culler, Dawes, Lefler, Mickle, and Park. ETS, RUB and UBMS serve students with distinct interests from three high schools: Lincoln High, North Star, and Northeast. SSS provides support and services to eligible university undergraduate students from all majors and degrees.













Our staff members work with students to:

  • ✔ reinforce student's self-esteem and educational skill level,
  • ✔ promote the concept of campus involvement, and
  • ✔ encourage participation in constructive leadership experiences in the Lincoln community.

We offer services, which include tutoring, mentoring, assistance in identifying and applying to a college, assistance in applying for financial aid, personal and financial counseling, career counseling, resume reviews, workplace and college visits, special instruction in reading, writing, study skills, and mathematics, academic assistance in high school, assistance to reenter high school or college.

Teachers College, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1919

Teachers College1919

In 1919, what is now the Canfield Administration Building North was constructed to house the relatively new Teachers College.

Located at the east edge of the then newly expanded campus, it was far removed from student activity at that time. Social Sciences Hall (CBA), also under construction, was on the west edge of the expansion area, abutting the original campus. Andrews Hall would not be built for another decade; the Union, two decades. Other new buildings, the Chemistry Laboratory (Avery) and Bessey Hall, lay to the northwest. The building was constructed of red pressed brick with Bedford limestone trim. Coolidge & Hodgdon, designers of the campus plan, intended to locate a large monumental structure at the head of 13th street at R, utilizing the site between Social Sciences Hall and Teachers College for an auditorium or library, but such a structure was never erected.

In 1957 it was attached to the Administration building on the south side. Eventually the Teachers College High School was moved into the building from the Temple basement. In 1955, when the new University High School (Henzlik) was opened, the building was converted to use by the Teachers College for faculty offices and classrooms. It was absorbed for use by University administration in the 1990s and renamed Canfield Administration Building North.

The Office of TRIO Programs shares space and has served students out of the 2nd floor of this building for more than 30 years.