UBMS Staff & Contacts

Our staff is comprised of long time TRIO members, an LPS teacher, a globe trotter, and a wildlife and fisheries major, all of whom bring a potpourri of experiences.
These experiences help us hone our participants math and science skills, explore avenues, create opportunities and help them pursue college and career in these disciplines. While we have our main offices at the Canfield Administration Building, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, we maintain a strong presence in the Lincoln Public Schools we serve.
Portrait of Moises Padilla

Moises Padilla TRIO Director


I am the Director of the Nebraska College Preparatory Academy and TRIO Programs. I am a first-generation and low-income college graduate, receiving both bachelor's and doctorate degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I received my master’s degree from Colorado State University. I am passionate about expanding college access and supporting student success.

Image of Joan Mendoza Gorham

Joan Mendoza-Gorham Project Director


In my role as the RUB and UBMS Project Director, I manage the day-to-day operations, administrative functions and supervision of staff and service to participants. I administer the final recruitment and selection of both RUB and UBMS project participants. I serve as the liaison with LPS staff and administrators, faculty and community agencies. I am also responsible for RUB and UBMS's Annual Performance Reports and Department of Education's policy compliance, budgets and grants.

Image of Le Nguyen

Le Nguyen Project Activities Coordinator


As Project Activities Coordinator for the RUB and UBMS programs, apart from my administrative and programming responsibilities, I help our high school seniors apply to, enroll in, and find funding for the postsecondary institution of their choice. I have been a part of the TRIO family for most of my life – as a participant of Educational Talent Search in middle and high school, and the McNair Program both at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I have worked professionally with the Upward Bound programs since 2005, and have degrees in Bachelor of Science in Design: Architecture from Nebraska and Master of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Image of Hoa Nguyen

Hoa Nguyen Senior Educational Specialist


As Senior Educational Specialist for the RUB and UBMS programs, I work in collaboration with high school students, professional staff, tutors, and teachers. I coordinate tutoring for each school that we serve and seek out college students to tutor our high school students. Our goal is to help provide UB students the academic tools that they need to succeed in school. At the same time, I am a graduate student, pursuing my Master of Arts in International Family Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I also received my Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education.

Image of Kyly Baxter

Kyly Baxter Juniors Coordinator


As a graduate assistant for the Upward Bound Programs, I assist our high school juniors in preparing for their upcoming senior year. Through various workshops and one-on-one meetings, I help students build their resume, research their career and major interests, and identify the experiences they may need to strengthen their future college applications. In addition to being a TRIO alum, I received my Bachelor of Arts in psychology and classical studies with a minor in women's and gender studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May 2018.