During the past 25 years, Upward Bound Math-Science has helped hone math and science skills for numerous high school students across the nation.
Whether it is the logic of math or the lure of science, our participants are bound to excel. On this page, some of our students and alumni jot down their thoughts and experiences. We also use this space to periodically publish our newsletters, announcements, write-ups about campus visits, summer trips etc.
Picture of alumnus Nhi Thuy Dang

Alumnus Profile | Nhi Thuy Dang

Upward Bound Math-Science aided me find the right college and secure scholarships for tuition.

Nhi Thuy Dang, Alumnus 2008

What was your major as an undergraduate?

Educational Administration.

How did you choose your major?

It was difficult for me to decide on the major I had chosen.

My parents had high expectations for me; they had already chosen a career path for me even before I entered college. It was ingrained in my mind they wanted me to become a nurse and I told myself I would listen to them because they have given me so much already, this was something I can do to repay them to make them happy. I knew in my heart it was not what I wanted, but I pursued nursing anyways.

After a couple of years taking pre-requisites, I knew that being a nurse was not for me. I started steering away from that and I was lost for a while. I spoke to different advisors and looked at different departments on campus, after contemplating for months, I came to realization that my calling was to work with students who are of first-generation and low-income status, and because I felt I could relate to the same types of obstacles they were going through. Programs like Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound, and Student Support Services definitely helped me realize that there are so many students who need the help, who have potential and I could be a support system in helping them reach their future goals.

Do you have any plans to pursue graduate school?

Yes, I started my graduate school in 2014 and intend to get my Master's in Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Do you have any recommendations for incoming/current UBMS participants?

Take advantage of all the services UBMS has to offer you. This program is here to assist you in different aspects of life. They not only offer you the services like ACT Prep classes, after school tutoring, etc., they also ensure that you have a well-rounded experience while you are in high school. They give you the opportunity to learn to think outside the box and volunteer in various locations of the community.

What role did UBMS play in your high school/college success?

UBMS played a big part in my high school success by assisting me monitor my grades. They knew colleges looked at GPA's very closely, so they helped me focus on classes with tutoring when I needed help and made sure that I found a suitable college for me and made sure that I had scholarships to pay for my tuition.

What advice would you give to someone in high school who wants to go to college?

My advice for students in high school who wants to pursue college is making sure that you follow your own dreams, and not the dreams of someone else. You will definitely regret it in the future when you are not satisfied choosing someone else's dreams. Another advice I would give is to definitely make sure that you take full advantage of the services given to you for FREE. The Upward Bound staff is here to assist you, because they see so much potential in you, you would not be a part of the program if they did not see that you can reach your full capacity. Most students do not realize the amount of different services they provide and most regret it later when they don't get scholarships for school.

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The year 2015 is a special one for us as it was 25 years ago the Upward Bound Math-Science program was chartered with the goal of strengthening the math and science skills of participating students. We look forward to the same in the coming years.