SSS Services & Courses

We offer a wide range of support and services to promote the academic success of our students so as to help them successfully graduate.
The Student Support Services Office is located directly west from the Student Union on City Campus in 220 Canfield and near student classrooms. A variety of FREE services are offered to TRIO Scholars and include the following:
  • ✔ Academic tutoring
  • ✔ Guidance for students transferring from 2-year institutions to 4-year colleges/universities
  • ✔ Advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection
  • ✔ Information about student financial aid programs and scholarships
  • ✔ Assistance with completing financial aid applications
  • ✔ Workshops, educational trainings, counseling, and classes to increase financial literacy
  • ✔ Assistance with researching and applying for admission to graduate and professional programs
  • ✔ resume review and career counseling
  • ✔ Biweekly Career Services appointments available for assistance with resume preparation, job hunting, career counseling
  • ✔ Personal counseling sessions with CAPS therapist
  • ✔ Access to cultural events and academic enrichment programs
  • ✔ Assistance in planning Education Abroad program
  • ✔ Free printing services
  • ✔ Success Coach available to every student
  • ✔ Canvas learning management system for TRIO Scholars
  • ✔ Apple iTunes & YouTube Podcasts for TRIO Scholars
  • ✔ Peer Mentoring
  • ✔ Student Advisory Group
  • ✔ Laptop computers, Graphing calculators, Non-graphing scientific calculators, Business calculators available for checkout
  • ✔ Therapy dog available to meet with students twice a week
  • ✔ Grant Aid to income-eligible first and second year TRIO Scholars
We maintain a TRIO Scholars Canvas page with many announcements for special events and resources available only to participants.

Our Courses


Students in a math classroom

MATH 100A, Intermediate Algebra

MATH 100A is a review of the topics in a second-year high school algebra course taught at the college level. This course includes real numbers, 1st and 2nd degree equations and inequalities, linear systems, polynomials and rational expressions, exponents and radicals. There is a heavy emphasis on problem solving strategies and techniques. The SSS section is taught 5 days each week instead of the normal 2 or 3 to allow additional class time to work on problems and ask questions. Just like the regular MATH 100A sections, this course does count as 3 credits toward being a full time student, but the credits do not count toward graduation.

MATH 101, College Algebra

MATH 101 includes: real numbers, exponents, factoring, linear and quadratic equations, absolute value, inequalities, functions, graphing, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and systems of equations. The SSS section is taught 5 days each week instead of the normal 2 or 3 to allow additional class time to work on problems and ask questions.

MATH 104, Applied Calculus

This course covers the rudiments of differential and integral calculus with applications to problems from business, economics, and social sciences. It is taught 5 days per week to help students who may be having problems with their mathematical background.

This course meets the requirements for ACE Student Learning Outcome 3.

SSS Staff Contacts
alt text

Morgen Bills Ph.D.

Math Specialist

Student Support Services




Students in a english classroom

ENGL 150, Writing and Inquiry

English 150 focuses on the study and practice of writing and rhetoric as inquiry - that is, students will use writing and rhetorical concepts such as purpose, audience and context to pose and investigate problems that are meaningful in their lives or communities, explore open questions, and/or examine complex tensions. This course provides students with extended practice in writing and rhetoric as inquiry in a supportive, student-centered environment.

ENGL 151, Writing and Argument

English 151 focuses on intensive writing and using writing as a tool for argument. The subject matter delves into developing writing projects for multiple purposes and audiences. The course provides students with extended practice in writing and argument in a student-centered environment.

SSS Staff Contacts
alt text

Stephanie Mitchell Ph.D.

Writing Specialist

Student Support Services



Interpersonal Skills & Career Development

Interpersonal Skills and Career Development Classroom

ALEC 102, Interpersonal Skills for Leadership

Introduction to the principles and practices of positive interpersonal relationships for leadership development. Self awareness, awareness of others, effective interpersonal communication, and the building of trust relationships as a basis for understanding and developing leadership. An experiential approach, field projects and a supervised service project.

SSS Staff Contacts
alt text

Colette Yellow Robe Ph.D.

Academic Retention Specialist

Student Support Services



Life Sciences

Life science classroom

BIOS 101, General Biology

Biology 101 is designed to facilitate learning of biological processes and properties of living organisms. As an introductory course, it is taught by building the basic understanding of biology by covering the scientific method, basic chemistry, biochemistry, cell structure and function, membranes, enzymes, metabolism, photosynthesis, cellular reproduction, genetics, DNA, expression of genes, biotechnology, evolution, speciation, population ecology, communities within ecosystems, and conservation biology.

This course meets the requirements for ACE Student Learning Outcome 4.

Additional Objectives: By the use of scientific methods, and with the knowledge of the natural and physical, address problems through inquiry, interpretation, analysis, and making inferences from data. This thereby allows the student to determine whether conclusions or solutions are reasonable.

LIFE 120, Fundamentals of Biology I

First in a series of life sciences courses. A systems approach to the study of life at the cellular level, investigating cellular structures, chemical processes, cell metabolism, cell division, gene expression and introducing patterns of inheritance. Parallel registration in LIFE 120L is required.

This course meets the requirements for ACE Student Learning Outcome 4.

SSS Staff Contacts
alt text

Marianna Burks

Science Specialist

Student Support Services



Power Seminar

Students in an SSS Classroom

UGEP 100, Power Seminar

The TRIO Fall First-Year Seminar (TFFS) Power Seminar is a course designed to provide each our scholars a chance to analyze their interest and place here at TRIO Scholar’s and UNL. Through discussions, engaging with peers, designed activities, visuals, workshops, and in class assignments you will be able to better utilizes your resources. Course Objectives - As a result of taking this course our scholars should be well versed in P.O.W.E.R:

P (Purpose): “Knowing why!” Understanding why they are here and the resources available.

O (Ownership): “More Self-Aware!” Ability to grow and understand civil discourse.

W (Well-Being): “Self-Care!” Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit by recognizing your tools.

E (Engagement): “Reflect and Articulate!” Being able to take what you know apply it to improve your academic and personal success.

R (Relationships): “Interconnection” Building rapport while managing healthy reciprocated relationships.

SSS Staff Contacts
alt text

Brian Stutz

Interim Academic Outreach Specialist

Student Support Services



Our Services

Math Lab

The Math Lab is one of our most sought after services.

It is run out of the study lounge of our office at 220 Canfield Administration Building North. We have peer tutors available for fixed times during the regular Fall and Spring sessions and sometimes upon request during the Summer sessions.

During this time, a participant can drop-in to seek help on a math problem or to do a test review. These sessions are not limited to the math courses that SSS offers and are open for all 100 level University of Nebraska-Lincoln math courses. If you are an SSS participant and would like to work for this service, please come into the office and complete a Math Lab Tutor Application. You may also contact Allison Docter at or Stephanie Mitchell at

In addition, Morgen Bills, our Math Specialist, is available to tutor SSS participants on any undergraduate math classes for certain periods of the day. Please stop by and check his door for a schedule. If you need to checkout calculators, he is your point of contact. His email address is

All the aforementioned services are available to all active SSS participants free of cost.

Academic Tutoring

We offer SSS students tutoring for university undergraduate courses.

If you experience difficulty keeping up with a course or developing learning skills, please contact us to request a tutor, who will help you individually. The tutoring sessions MUST be held either in our main office at 220 Canfield Administration Building North or with prior approval online or at Love Library.

Our immediate goal is to provide peer tutoring services to help you meet your degree requirements. The tutors can assist you in learning course material and developing study skills to achieve a satisfactory performance in a particular course. Our long-term objective is to help you become independent learners

You must first make an appointment with a staff member, complete the tutor request form, and turn it in to our main office. You may also email it to Allison Docter at or Stephanie Mitchell at After approval, the staff will give you a Tutor Timesheet that contains the tutor's contact information. Tutoring is assigned for no more than 4 weeks at a time. So, for longer periods, please make a follow-up appointment. During this time, the staff will make an assessment to determine if an extension for another 4 weeks is needed.

All our tutoring sessions are available to all active SSS participants free of cost.


We have a small number of laptops available to our participants.


We are stocked with a small number of graphing calculators, scientific calculators, and financial calculators. They are checked out to participants for one semester at a time.


Do you have documents that you want to print? We have a TRIO laptop hooked up in 220 Canfield with a printer for your printing needs. Look for the sign on the North wall by the large screen.


If you have a document to fax we have a fax machine to take care of that.

Study Lounge

The office features a study lounge and it is a great place not just to hang out, but also interface with other SSS participants and interact with tutors, and the SSS staff outside class.

Campus Life

We present our participants with opportunities to attend a melange of events on campus; events that provide exposure to cultural and academic programs not usually accessible, affordable, and available.

Financial Literacy

We work with students, and their parents and families to make them aware of the procedure to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

College Financial Aid

An important part of succeeding in college is a sound financial plan. We will provide you with financial aid information and assist in completing forms, such as FAFSA.

Scholarship Avenues

There are numerous scholarships available to pay for college either in part or full. We can work with you to identify the right scholarships and help you apply in a timely fashion. The UNL TRIO Scholars Canvas site includes a module with scholarship listings.

Pell Grants

You may qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, which unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. If you need to learn more about this grant and want to apply, please stop by our office for assistance.

Personal Counseling

We have a diverse staff with many years of experience. It is likely our counselor has helped someone in the same boat as you find yourself and can work with you one-on-one. John Goldrich, therapist with UNL’s CAPS program, offers personal counseling to TRIO Scholars. For more info, please contact the SSS Office.

Personal Advising

As our students work towards their degree, we work with them alongside on any issues that comes between them and their goal with timely advising and periodic assessment.

Mentoring Assistance

It helps to work with someone who can objectively take stock of your interests, assess your skills, and help you get adept at it. If we cannot be of assistance, we will strive to find someone who can.

Career Exploration

Letty Garcia with Career Services holds office hours for our participants regularly. During this time, you may work with her to explore various career options that exist and delve deeply into ones that best fit you.

Resume Review

If you are tentative about whether your resume has the i's dotted and the t's crossed someone can help you. Letty Garcia, Career Services Advisor, is available to meet with TRIO Scholars twice a week to assist with career, resume, job search, interviews, and related information.

Needs Assessment

The success of our students in and out of college is at the core of all our support and services. We will work with you to assess your aptitude and academic needs as we collectively pursue this goal.

Path to Grad School

Are you looking to attend grad school? Well, all our staff members have been there and done that. So, stop by for a chat and we will tell you all you need to know about grad school and what to expect.

Leadership Development

We provide our participants ample opportunities to improve their leadership capabilities. The SSS courses ALEC 102 and EDPS 150 focuses on interpersonal skills and career development, respectively.

Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities serve as a window to the world. It could be an avenue to learn a new language, experience another culture, while earning credit towards college. An Education Abroad and Data Coordinator is available to meet with TRIO Scholars to assist with planning for an Education Abroad program. For more info, please contact the SSS Office.

I found the study lounge most useful; the only place on campus where I felt I fit in. It was a good place to study and use the computer lab, and printing services.

Amy Castro, Alumnus 2008

Campus Resources

First-Year at UNL
First-Year @ UNL

The Center for Academic Success and Transition provides academic and transition coaching, peer mentors, and interactive workshops aimed at increasing retention and graduation rates.

Explore Center

We advise students who are undecided, transitioning between majors, pre-health, or pre-law. We can help you explore your interests, skills, and values and connect them with majors and pre-professional fields.

Services for Disabled

By making reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, we offer services and ensure our constituents have equal access to curricular and cocurricular opportunities on campus.


The Counseling and Psychological Services consists of psychologists, social workers, counselors and psychiatrists who are available to respond to a broad spectrum of concerns and issues.

Money Management Center

We are committed to encouraging students to take responsibility for their financial futures by creating and upholding a culture of financial empowerment among the student body through financial education.

Economic Education

The mission of the Nebraska Council on Economic Education is to act as a catalyst and lead a statewide initiative to advance economic literacy, develop economic ways of thinking and problem solving.

Financial Education

The University's credit union offers a wide variety of financial tools to help educate yourself. This includes seminars, a library of information, a financial assessment and much more.


We enhance student success by promoting academic excellence, diversity awareness, and social engagement. We work with all UNL students with an emphasis on meeting the needs of ethnic minority students.

Civic Engagement

We encourage students to connect curricular and cocurricular learning with opportunities to address critical human need through service, civic-related research and social change leadership.

Learning Communities

We are open to any interested student during their first year at UNL. Our focus is on many different academic interests and for those who aren’t yet sure about their academic home at the university.

Career Services

We support students from every major as they explore interests, abilities and values then connect them with opportunities to gain experience in preparation for careers or advanced education.

McNair Scholar

We help eligible undergraduates interested in graduate school set goals, engage in research, and develop the skills and student/faculty mentor relationships vital to success at the doctoral level.