We have served for many decades now on-campus to help our constituents stay and successfully graduate with a baccalaureate degree.
They come from various walks of life. Here are some of their stories. While we are at it, watch this page as present participants chime in with their experiences. We also post our course listings, newsletters, announcements etc. on this page.
 Picture of alumnus Amy Castro

Alumnus Profile | Amy Castro

The day I walked into the SSS office I knew I had found a place I could relate to and would provide the environment and support I would need to graduate.

Amy Castro, Alumnus 2008

What was your major as an undergraduate?


Could you please tell us about your work?

I own and operate Overland Park Ballroom and Social Club a contemporary dance club in Overland Park KS

What role did SSS play in your high school/college success?

Being a non-traditional, first-generation college student, I had no previous connection to the college environment.

I came to campus and found myself on my own and not sure if, or where I belonged. The day I walked into the SSS office I knew I had found a place I could relate to and would provide the environment and support I would need to graduate. There were other students like myself, non-traditional, first-generation. There was ethnic diversity in both students and staff, which I found to be a comfort at a much more traditional campus..

The SSS office was a safe place to “land”. It was the place I went in between classes to ask for academic help, to study for class, to grab a cup of coffee, and to lean on staff and fellow students when things seemed overwhelming. Had I not found the program I am doubtful I would have stayed until completion. I have a sincere affinity for the program and am forever grateful.

What SSS services did you use and found most useful?

The SSS service I found most useful was the study lounge - it was the only place on campus where I felt I fit in - and it was a good place to study, the computer lab, and printing services.

Do you have any recommendations for current SSS participants?

My advice - "always keep your eye on the goal!" maintain focus on the end result, getting the degree - don't let the way you think or feel about the campus environment get in the way or let family and friends who might not see the significance in what you are doing stop you from being a college graduate. Take advantage of what the SSS program has to offer.

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Published on 8/15/2019

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You can learn what SSS is from the About section. If you are a University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate, in particular a freshman or an incoming transfer student, and would like to be considered as an applicant to the SSS program, you can find information about our eligibility requirements under the Apply section. We offer a range of services to help you succeed in college, which include English, Math, Science, Skills and Career development courses. The Staff & Contacts page has background information about our staff members and their role. It also has information on the staff contacts for the courses we offer.

You are welcome to stop by our office at 220 Canfield Administration Building North. If you have any questions on how to become an SSS participant, please write to us at sss@unl.edu or call us at 402-472-2027.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the nationwide inception of our project, our sense of commitment is stronger than ever, which is to support, serve and see our participants graduate.