RUB Services & Resources

We provide services, support, motivation, and encouragement to stimulate each student's educational achievement and to prepare students for the pursuit of postsecondary education.
The central theme of our services is to create opportunities for our participants to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits. Our services are free to participants. In addition, they may receive a stipend for satisfactory participation. However, additional funds may be required from program participants for other extracurricular activities. Briefly, the list of services we offer include:
  • ✔ instruction in math, laboratory science, composition, literature, and foreign language
  • ✔ information on the full range of Federal Student Financial Aid programs and benefits
  • ✔ guidance and assistance on secondary school reentry, alternative education programs
  • ✔ entry into general education development programs or postsecondary education
  • ✔ academic tutoring and financial advising
  • ✔ hands-on college-prep projects and activities
  • ✔ exploration of a range of career and college options
  • ✔ access to cultural events and educational activities usually unavailable to low-income youth
  • ✔ assistance in completing college entrance, scholarship searches, and financial aid applications
  • ✔ assistance in researching and selecting a post-secondary educational institution
  • ✔ community-building opportunities
  • ✔ mentoring and job-shadow program
  • ✔ leadership enhancement

Our Services


We have a select number of laptops available to our participants for ACT/SAT test taking. In addition, you may register your LPS issued laptop for UNL WiFi access.


We are stocked with a small number of graphing calculators, which aid our students to get a grip on test taking, number crunching, and some calculus.


Do you have college applications or documents that you want to print? Well, we have a TRIO Student Computer Lab with a printer for your printing needs.


You have a document to fax to one of the postsecondary institutions that you have applied or plan to, and we have a fax machine to take care of that.

Computer Lab

Our TRIO Student Computer Lab has desktops, and is WiFi enabled. We use this space to host our participants for technical training sessions, college and university research etc.

Technology Awareness

A right tool can make the task at hand productive. Nothing beats technology in productivity. So, we offer training on various technologies that can help our students.

Supplemental Instruction

After school curricular, cocurricular and supplemental instruction goes a long way towards a student's success in school. We have such activities planned year round with this thought in mind.

Summer Programs

We have a set of sound summer programs. We offer instruction in math, laboratory science, composition, literature, and foreign language at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and also take our participants on campus visits.

Campus Visits

Through campus visits to various colleges and universities, we bring to our students, especially seniors, the awareness of various college degrees and majors.

College Research

A right college and major can make a great difference to one's life. Our staff members are ready to work with you and make this process productive and eventful.

College Admissions

We have dedicated staff members who are well versed with the college admission process. We can assist you in completing application forms, recommendation letters etc.

College Survival

Getting into college is the first step, staying course and graduating is the target. So, we equip our students how to navigate college as they work towards their graduation.

College Entrance Exam

We assist our participants in taking college entrance exams, such as SAT. We work towards getting them ready both academically and mentally for test taking through practice tests.

Financial Literacy

We work with students, and their parents and families to make them aware of how much college costs and the procedure to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

College Financial Aid

An important part of succeeding in college is a sound financial plan. We will provide you with financial aid information and assist in completing forms, such as FAFSA.

Scholarship Assistance

There are numerous scholarships and grants that help you pay for college in part of full. We work with our students to identify the right scholarship and help you apply in a timely fashion.

Academic Advising

The academic success of our students is at the center of our activities. We work with them towards this goal with an academic plan, timely advising and periodic assessment.

Academic Tutoring

We provide instruction & tutorial assistance to improve mathematics, reading, writing, study skills, and other subjects necessary for success in high school and beyond.

Study Skills

Some of us are visual learners and some verbal. Our staff is willing to work with you to assess and identify study skills areas where you might want focus on improving.

Math Tutoring & Academics

We offer our participants math tutoring and academic activities tailored to their skill. During these sessions we create opportunities to hone their math abilities for their classes and college entrance exams.

LEP Instruction

We have tailored teaching instructional techniques for students with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Our goal is to help them learn English and equip them to meet the challenging high school academic content.

GED/HS Equivalency

If you are looking to get back and complete secondary education, we can help you with GED prep, HS equivalency test, reentry planning, readmission application etc.

Referral Services

We can help to get your life back on track through various referral services, such as basic needs, academic, employment, legal, physical and mental health, substance abuse, vocational rehab etc.

Informational Workshops

Throughout the year, we host several informational workshops to disseminate information on high school success, importance of college, securing funding for college etc.

Career Awareness

If you have a specific interest or are unsure what career options would best fit you, we can help you explore what's out there and can even find someone whom you can shadow.

Personal & Peer Counseling

Our staff members are seasoned professionals and chances are we have on more than one occasion assisted someone in the same boat as you. Come talk to us and we will be happy to help.

Professional Mentoring

We have mentoring programs taking into account your interests and what you want to do in college and after. If we cannot be of assistance, we will strive to find someone who can.

Research Activities

By working with faculty members at Nebraska and LPS, we bring to our students opportunities for research activities that is in sync with their interests and what they plan to major in college.

Cultural Activities

A holistic approach during schooling is essential for a well-rounded experience. We offer our participants opportunities to attend cultural events on-campus and in the community.

Family Activities

At workshops, we bring the parents of our participants together to stress the importance of a college degree. We also elaborate on opportunities, the application and financial aid process.

Leadership Development

We provide our participants numerous opportunities to enhance their leadership capabilities. Some of the exercises we conduct include mock trial, topic presentations, community leadership etc.

Target School Advocacy

We have the same goals as our participants' teachers. We work them to keep you informed about upcoming events, curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular school activities.

Community Building

Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to the community and is required for all participants. Please contact Joan to find a volunteer site or address any concerns.

The Upward Bound staff assisted me with exploring various career options, helped me with college applications and complete financial aid.

Quang C Tran, Alumnus 2003