ETS Services & Resources

We have tailored our services taking into account the broad spectrum of students we serve, who range from middle to high school.
The program provides low-income, first-generation students and their families information about college admissions and resources to help students become college-ready. We provide academic, career, and financial counseling to our participants and motivate them to graduate from high school and continue on to and complete their postsecondary education. As our constituents are spread across nine Lincoln Public Schools, we work out of those we target by taking the services to where our students are. Our services are provided free of cost to the participant. These services broadly include:
  • ✔ academic, financial, career, or personal counseling
  • ✔ advice on entry or re-entry to secondary or postsecondary education
  • ✔ career exploration and aptitude assessment
  • ✔ tutorial services
  • ✔ information on postsecondary education
  • ✔ exposure to college campuses
  • ✔ information on student financial assistance
  • ✔ assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications
  • ✔ assistance in preparing for college entrance exams
  • ✔ mentoring programs
  • ✔ special activities for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders
  • ✔ workshops for the families of participants

Our Services


We have a select number of laptops available to our participants for ACT/SAT test taking. In addition, you may register your LPS issued laptop for UNL WiFi access.


We are stocked with a small number of graphing calculators, which aid our students to get a grip on test taking, number crunching, and some calculus.


Do you have college applications or documents that you want to print? Well, we have a TRIO Student Computer Lab with a printer for your printing needs.


You have a document to fax to one of the postsecondary institutions that you have applied or plan to, and we have a fax machine to take care of that.

Computer Lab

You are a senior and it is time to research about which college you want to attend, what to major in etc. Our TRIO Student Lab is a good place to start.

Technology Awareness

A right tool can make the task at hand productive; nothing beats technology in productivity. So, we offer training on various technologies that can help our students.

Enrichment Program

Given our students are from both middle and high schools, we create opportunities to supplement curricular activities to ensure students gain a well-rounded education.

Summer Programs

Summer programs are an essential piece to our operations. We utilize this time for curricular and cocurricular activities, campus visits, etc. which helps participant retention.

Campus Visits

We take our students on campus visits, especially seniors, to various colleges and universities to give them multiple perspectives on the college going experience.

College Research

Finding the right college and determining the right major could be an exhausting task. Our staff members can make this process productive and eventful.

College Admissions

Our staff members are well versed with the college admission process and can assist you with completing application forms, completing recommendation letters etc in a timely fashion.

Postsecondary Pursuit

Getting into college is the first step, staying course and graduating is the target. So, we keep a tab on our students past high school graduation and offer assistance towards this target.

Test Prep

We give out participants ACT registration packet and arrange for fee waiver. We also prepare them academically and get them mentally ready for test taking. We do the same for SAT.

Financial Literacy

We work with students, and their parents and families to make them aware of how much college costs and the procedure to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

College Financial Aid

A sound financial plan is important for college success. We provide financial aid information and assist our students and their families with estimators, FAFSA applications etc.

Scholarship Avenues

A scholarship to fund your college in part or full is a wonderful thing. We can work with you to identify the right scholarships and help you apply in a timely fashion.

Academic Tutoring

We have dedicated tutors on board to assist our students in their coursework. These services are provided right in our target schools to help them get some needed help.

Mentoring Programs

We have mentoring programs taking into account your interests and what you want to do in college and after. If we cannot be of assistance, we will strive to find someone who can.

Personal Advising

Our staff members are seasoned professionals and chances are we have on more than one occasion assisted someone in the same boat as you. Come talk to us and we will be happy to help.

Career Exploration

If you have a specific interest or are unsure what career options would best fit you, we can help you explore what is out there and can even find someone whom you can shadow.

Academic Assessment

The students we serve and their academic success is at the core of all we do. We work with them towards this goal with an academic plan and periodic assessment.

Aptitude Assessment

We can help in your aptitude assessment and if you have a a latent potential and our staff has the commitment to stoke and translate the potential to talent through aptitude assessment.

After School Assistance

We believe after school activities go a long way in a child's success in school. Our after school activities were conceived and are conducted with this thought in mind.

Reentry Assistance

We can help you get back into high school and college. Our staff members can assist you with GED prep, reentry planning, readmission application, financial aid etc.

Cultural Excursion

A holistic approach during schooling is essential for a well-rounded experience. We offer our participants opportunities to attend cultural events hosted in the community.

Parent Workshops

At workshops, we brief participants' parents and families the importance of a college degree. We also elaborate on opportunities, the college application and financial aid process.

Teacher Outreach

The teachers of our participants are our partners, as we have the same goals. We work with the LPS teachers in the middle and high schools we serve to help our students succeed.

Leadership Development

Through local and regional leadership conferences and skill development exercises, we provide our participants across the board excellent opportunities to excel in what they do.