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Image of Alumnus Trey Anderson

Alumnus Profile | Trey Anderson

ETS will help your way to college, I promise you that, they did it for me and can do the same for you.

Trey Anderson, Alumnus 2008

What was your major?

Exercise Science.

How did you choose your major?

I’ve always been involved with sports and physical activity and the healthy relationships they bring. So, this major was the one that I felt most complete with.

Do you have any recommendations for incoming/current ETS participants?

I recommend that they should get into as many activities and extra field trips that ETS presents to them. I know every year there are many such opportunities for the scholars. ETS is there to help you become the best you can be and show you a side that you can’t get from other programs. So, take advantage of the program because not everyone has the same opportunities as you.

What role did ETS play in your high school/college success?

ETS played a very pivotal role in my schooling.

Jerry Washington, my Curriculum Specialist, had an office at my high school and he was there when I needed him to help with scholarships, letters of recommendation, and tutoring. My schedule was rigorous and he would get me out of my comfort zone of learning. He made sure I was always ready for college.

It wasn’t always the easiest for me, but ETS ensured I was going to push through. They got me mentally strong enough to feel that I would be ready for any college I planned on going to. Overall, ETS played a huge role in my success as a student and a person.

What advice would you give to someone in high school who wants to go to college?

Ever since I was little, being raised by a single mother, I knew she wouldn’t have any money for my college education. So, I took it upon myself to strive with whatever I was best at and knew I could get a scholarship in.

Never let the lack of money be a reason why you feel you can’t go to college. That’s the biggest advice I can give; that what you do now will affect the rest of your life and how it is played out. You must have to want it more than anything, you need to have the drive to succeed. Always focus on the task at hand, and have the discipline to continue in your path no matter what or who will try to come between it.

ETS will help you your way to college, I promise you that, they did it for me and can do the same for you.

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