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Regular Upward Bound
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Staff & Contacts

We have on our staff long time TRIO members, a retired LPS teacher, a globe trotter, and an army reservist.

It is the bag of experiences that we bring to the table that help us equip and encourage our students to stay and succeed both in school and life. While we have our main offices at the Canfield Administration Building, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, we also have a strong presence in the Lincoln Public Schools we serve.

Cay Yamamoto

Cay Yamamoto TRIO/SSS Director



As the TRIO Director, I oversee and coordinate the ETS, RUB and UBMS projects. As the SSS Project Director, I handle student admissions into SSS. Please contact me, if you are a University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate and have questions about applying/eligibility to become an SSS participant. You can also contact me if you are a prospective/current SSS student to know more about the services we offer and how we can help you succeed in college.

Joan Mendoza-Gorham

Joan Mendoza-Gorham Project Director



In my role as the RUB and UBMS Project Director, I manage the day-to-day operations, administrative functions and supervision of staff and service to participants. I administer the final recruitment and selection of both RUB and UBMS project participants. I serve as the liaison with LPS staff and administrators, faculty and community agencies. I am also responsible for RUB and UBMS's Annual Performance Reports and Department of Education's policy compliance, budgets and grants.

Justin Grime

Justin Grime Project Activities Coordinator



As Project Activities Coordinator for the RUB and UBMS programs, it is my privilege to help our high school seniors apply to, enroll in, and find funding for the postsecondary institution of their choice. At the same time, I am pursuing my MA in post-secondary English education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I also received my BA in English.

Ying Yu

Ying Yu Accounting Technician



As an Accounting Technician, I oversee budgets and manage federal grants for all four TRIO programs, and process payments for all events and financial aids. I am originally from China, where I got my bachelor's degree in Japanese Language and Literature. I came to the United States with my husband in 2005 and started my accounting major at UCLA Extension in California. I'm currently a graduate student majoring in Accounting at the College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My husband and I have two children Grace and Kate.

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Regular Upward Bound
220 Canfield Administration Building
P.O. Box 880498
Lincoln, NE 68588-0498



There are 2 metered parking lots close to Canfield North:

  • 14th & R Street - Southeast and across the street from the Nebraska Union
  • 15th & S Street - East of the Gaughan Center

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