Quang C Tran, RUB alumnus, 2003
Quang C Tran
RUB Alumnus
Lincoln High School, 2003
Bachelor of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2008


As one of the charter programs of the TRIO initiative, across the nation, Upward Bound has made a difference in millions of lives for more than half a century.

The students we serve share the common goal of becoming productive members of the society after graduating from high school and college. We use this page to feature some of their stories. You will also find on this page thoughts from our present participants. We also periodically publish our newsletters, announcements, write-ups about campus visits, summer trips etc.

Alumni Profile | Quang C Tran

Upward Bound was like my second family. They were there to mentor, discipline, and reward. Quang C Tran Alumnus 2003

What was your major?
Civil Engineering.

How did you choose your major?
For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what major I wanted. After a while, I had to resort to something I'm comfortable with; numbers and theories. That coupled with the practicality of job demand and security, I went with Civil Engineering.

Do you have any plans to pursue graduate school?
Yes, I am currently working on my Master's at Air University, a military college

Could you please tell us about your work?
I am a Captain with the United States Air Force and serve as a Flight Commander, Operations.

Do you have any recommendations for incoming/current RUB participants?
Take advantage of what Upward Bound has to offer for professional and personal development. Enjoy your time with the program but always think ahead of what you can do next. Be ambitious and strive for knowledge. As you're moving along, don't forget about what and who helped you in the past.

What role did RUB play in your high school/college success?
Upward Bound was like my second family. They were there to mentor, discipline, and reward. The staff assisted me with exploring various career options, helped me with college applications and complete financial aid forms.

What advice would you give to someone in high school who wants to go to college?
Seek programs such as UB to give you an idea of what college classes and life would be like. Apply for as many scholarship as you can.

Activities Calendar | 2015 Fall

Our activities for Sophomores & Juniors include include: Leadership Board Meetings most Wednesdays, a College Fair, Volunteering at the Zoo, Financial Literacy, and a Career Inventory Assessment.

We have Study Hall with staff and tutors at all the schools we serve. Every Monday, tutors are at Lincoln High and Lincoln North Star from 3pm - 5pm CDT. On Tuesdays, we have tutoring at Lincoln High and Lincoln Northeast from 2pm - 4pm CDT. On Wednesdays, the tutoring sessions are held at Lincoln High and Lincoln Northeast from 3pm - 5pm CDT. Likewise, on Thursdays, our tutors and a staff member are at Lincoln North Star from 3pm - 5pm CDT.

2015 Fall RUB Sophomore and Juniors Activities Calendar
2015 Fall RUB Study Hall Calendar

The live feed of all these events are available in the Events & Calendar page.

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The year 2014 was a special one for us as it was 50 years ago the Upward Bound project was chartered with the goal of providing fundamental support to students in their preparation for college entrance.

Over the years past, we have upped our efforts and expanded the boundaries by providing fundamental support to our participants in their preparation for college entrance. We look forward to the same in the coming years.